For any business to be successful, leads need to be converted into customers.

This process can happen online, in person or a mix of hybrid (both of these channels).

For this process to happen however, leads need to be identified as “Sales Qualified” so that sales representatives or marketing campaigns can target them with relevant messaging.

But what exactly is a sales qualified lead?

In the world of sales and marketing, a sales qualified lead (SQL) is a potential customer who has been vetted by sales and marketing teams. An SQL has shown interest in the product or service you offer, and they have evaluated your company as the best option for their needs.

So, let’s dive in a bit deeper as to what a sales qualified lead is and the benefits of striving for quality over quantity.

To dramatically increase the likelihood of sales reps closing a deal, they need to be informed of why a prospect was identified as a sales qualified lead and some key information.

What Is a Sales Qualified Lead?

A sales qualified lead (SQL) must meet certain criteria before they can be considered ready to buy.

These criteria are established by the sales team and should reflect the ideal customer profile for that particular product or service.

The criteria may include number of employees, product needs, budget size, etc. Once these criteria are met, the lead then falls under the umbrella of a sales qualified lead.

Ideally, you would have all of this data available within your CRM against both the contact and their company (if relevant), so that you can quickly and efficiently identify who is a sales qualified lead.

The Benefits of Having Quality Sales Qualified Leads

Having quality leads who fit your ideal customer profile is invaluable for any company.

It gives the sales team a better chance of making a sale since they know what type of customer they are dealing with from the beginning.

Furthermore, having quality leads also helps with forecasting more accurately since you know how much money each lead will likely spend on your products or services.

Finally, it also helps with budgeting as you can plan ahead knowing how many leads you are likely to convert into customers over time.


Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are essential for any business that wants to be successful in converting leads into customers. They help sales teams identify which potential customers will be most interested in their products or services while also helping with forecasting and budgeting.

With quality sales qualified leads, companies can make better decisions regarding their projects and determine where resources should be allocated for maximum success.

By understanding what a sales qualified lead is and why it’s important to focus on them, businesses can ensure their success in converting more leads into paying customers!