Great result that far exceeded expectations!

"I was lucky enough to have recently worked as a client of CogniOps. They are definitely masters of their craft and planned, crafted, and executed a perfect result for us. Discovery, delivery, and everything in between were just spot on. They just get it and will help achieve your vision. I rarely write recommendations, but this is genuine and deserved. Thanks again Michael & CogniOps"

Andrew Zaf

Sales Director Australia


We help you replace unreliable freelancers and agency retainers for one flat and transparent monthly fee, able to be paused or cancelled anytime

Step 1) Subscribe to a plan and request as many automations as you would like

Once you subscribe to a plan, we guide you through onboarding with the goal of having your first request sent to us to build within 1 hour.

Step 2) Receive your built automation within 1-2 business days

We receive your request and once approved, begin work immediately. Once built, we notify you for review.

Step 3) We revise the automation until you are 100% satisfied

Once you are satisfied and all changes have been made, we launch the automation and move onto the next request!

Automation, Workflow & Reporting Geniuses

"CogniOps assisted us to filter through the massive quantities of leads (deals) through automations and workflows reducing the cost of staff whilst providing significant insights through reporting, assisting us daily with our decision making. Looking forward to working on more projects together shortly"

William Smith



Subscription benefits

An experience so good you'll never need to go anywhere else for automations and workflows

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Lightning fast delivery

Get your automations built, one at a time in just a few days on average

Pause or cancel anytime

Pause or cancel your subscription anytime, only using it when you have requests

Flexible and scalable

Scale up or down as needed, depending on the number of requests to be delivered at once

Immediate ROI

The ROI is tangible and immediate based on how much time and money you are saving with the automation

Fixed monthly rate

Pay the same fixed price each month without any hidden costs

Fully done for you

Our world-class specialists will do the entire build for you based on your requests

Suggested next automation

We recommend your next automation based on the most recent one built

Monthly task summary

We provide a complete summary of your monthly activity and what was built

Monthly workshop (Pro Only)

Our Pro subscribers will enjoy a complimentary and bespoke monthly 60 minute workshop

A Dream to Work With

"CogniOps have been a Godsend. We transferred to HubSpot a few years ago but we had underestimated what was required to ensure that we had a fully functional portal. CogniOps spent the time to understand our business model and our desired outputs and built a solution that will support us into the next five years of growth and beyond. They went above and beyond to find the workarounds and automations that will make our lives easier. I'd highly recommend working with Cogniops, I know that we will continue to"

Tessa Douglas

Head of Growth

The Back Room

Some examples of subscription inclusions

Marketing Automation

  • Chatbot creation
  • Lead scoring system
  • Welcome email series
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Automated list maintenance
  • Onboarding email workflows
  • Automatically updating CRM fields
  • Behaviour-based trigger workflows
  • 1:1 Targeted personalised messages
  • Multi-channel retargeting campaigns
  • Abandoned cart & browse campaigns
  • + Anything else you can think of!

Sales Automation

  • Deal scoring
  • Deal pipeline automation
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Proposal template creation
  • Document tracking capability
  • Marketing and sales lead handoff
  • Calendar and meeting integration
  • Task creation for critical reminders
  • Sales enablement playbook creation
  • Automating post-meeting follow-ups
  • Sequence creation for cold outbound
  • + Anything else you can think of!

Service Automation

  • Knowledge base setup
  • Support based chatbot
  • Customer portal creation
  • SLA setup for key metrics
  • Automated ticket tagging
  • Automated ticket rerouting
  • Ticketing pipeline automation
  • Automated feedback survey sending
  • Automating post-feedback follow-up
  • Custom CRM views for different teams
  • Inbox creation and channel connection
  • + Anything else you can think of!

Membership plans

Choose a plan that's right for you


$7,500 audPER MONTH (ex GST)
  • ONE Process / task automated at a time
  • Average 24-36 HOUR delivery time
  • Next automation suggestion
  • Monthly automation summary
  • Unlimited platforms
  • Unlimited users
  • Easy credit-card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime


$12,000 audPER MONTH - 30% Discount (ex GST)
  • Everything in Standard PLUS
  • TWO Processes / tasks automated at a time
  • Average 24-36 HOUR delivery time for BOTH requests
  • Monthly 60 minute automation strategy call
  • Monthly 60 minute learning workshop

Not sure where to start?

Let us discover and recommend key processes and tasks you can automate


$750 audONE-OFF (ex GST)
  • We conduct a comprehensive audit of your CRM & connected third-party platforms
  • You receive recommendations of key processes and tasks to automate
  • You receive recommendations of third-party platforms to utilise for automations (if required)
  • You receive an estimated time saved per month report for each automation (i.e., 180 Hours)
  • You receive an estimated hours saved per month report for each automation (i.e., $10,000)
  • PDF of all of the above delivered via email
  • Average 48 hour delivery time (business days)

Book a 20-minute intro call

Get a guided tour through CogniOps, and find out how you and your team can change the way you build and launch automations, forever.


Book a 20-minute intro call

Get a guided tour through CogniOps, and find out how you and your team can change the way you build and launch automations, forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! The annual cost of a full-time automation/ops resource is upwards of $140,000 AUD per annum, plus benefits. On top of that, you may not have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you would be stuck paying them for time you aren’t able to utilise.

Once you subscribe, you will be able to add as many automation requests to your queue as you would like, however, they will either be delivered one at a time or two at a time depending on your plan.

On average, most first iterations of automations are built within two business days, sometimes less if it is a simple request. More complex requests can take longer, however, an estimate of time to completion will be provided once the request is accepted.

Look, we understand that you might not have enough work to fill up an entire month. You might only have a handful of requests in one month. This is where pausing your subscription makes perfect sense!

Billing cycles are based on a monthly period. So let’s say you sign up and use the service for 10 business days and then decide to pause your subscription with 10 business days left in the month, you will then have 10 business days of service remaining to use in the future.

CogniOps offers a ton of flexibility in how you request your automations. Whilst we need you to go through our ticketing portal, how you brief us is completely up to you!

We have some clients who provide Word documents, others who provide Loom videos with screen recordings and others who provide us with a link to a digital whiteboard. The choice is yours!

No worries at all! We will continue to revise and rebuild the automation until you are 100% satisfied!

Yes! CogniOps does not do data migration, any form of design or copywriting, branding, data cleansing or prospecting on behalf of our customers. We offer some expanded services for an extra cost which you can find below our plan section of this page.

Perfect! You can submit your request and then once finished and you are happy, pause your subscription until you have new requests and needs.

If we have not started your first request then we can offer a refund, otherwise, due to the high quality nature of this work, we cannot offer a refund once we commence work on your first request of that month.

Easy! We offer a Pro plan that allows two requests to be completed simultaneously. Otherwise, if you need more than two delivered at one time, please contact and we can discuss options for a custom subscription.

We have experience working with most major CRMs and support platforms. We are a Platinum partner with HubSpot and have partnerships with Aircall and We also have extensive experience working with Salesforce, Marketo, Zoho, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Zendesk, Intercom, Pipedrive and many, many more!

Our onboarding process is very simple. Once you make payment and subscribe to a plan, we will send you a series of emails detailing everything you need to know about the end-to-end process and how to get started with your first request.

We ask that you provide us with access to the platforms you want us to deliver your requests in (I.e., HubSpot and Zapier / Salesforce and Zendesk) as soon as possible so we can get started.

Any outstanding automations will be delivered at no extra cost if they go into the next month and the subscription has been cancelled. If the subscription is set to renew, then this will be treated as day 1 into the next month.

Please note that we will not accept any requests less than 4 days prior to the end date for subscriptions set to be cancelled.

We would be so sad and sorry to see you go, but if you must, then the process is very easy. You would simply cancel your subscription and it would stop at your next renewal date / once you have used all 31 days of that current month’s billing cycle.

Due to the high volume of requests that we receive daily, we do not communicate via meetings, calls or Slack messages.

The only exception to this rule is the initial 15-minute sales call, and for our Pro subscribers, the monthly workshop and monthly strategy call.

We would communicate with you via the request portal, with any urgent / critical communications to be directed to

CogniOps is Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, however, we have clients all around the world, and can communicate with you in your local timezone.

Absolutely! For subscribers only, we have an exclusive Knowledge Base ( where you can find everything you need to know regarding your subscription.

This includes how to submit requests, contact details, how to pause, how to cancel and many more items.

Once you become a subscriber, as part of the onboarding process, we outline all of our additional services along with the cost ex GST.

If you would like to then purchase a service, we have a process similar to that of submitting a request which we will guide you through (don’t worry, it’s very, very easy).

We have a small and highly specialised team who have each worked in the CRM / automation / workflows space for over 10 years. They have experience working with Startups to large Enterprise clients.

Automation savings calculator

Discover how much time and money you can save by automating one manual process

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Platforms we have extensive experience working with

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Platforms we have extensive experience working with

See Plans