As many businesses experienced the shift to remote working due to the pandemic, it’s important that business owners and managers are aware of the steps they can take to make sure their teams are still able to be productive while working from home.

But what are these steps and how can you make remote working easy?

There are 3 key elements which are:

  • Clear communication
  • Using the right technology
  • Ensuring your systems are secure

Remote working (when done right) can be an incredible way to both grow your business while keeping employee moral significantly higher than what it would be if an in-office model was enforced.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into how you can set up your business for remote working success.


The key to successful remote working is effective communication.

Utilise digital tools like Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts so that your team can stay in touch with each other even when they’re not in the same physical space.

This will ensure that everyone is on the same page about what tasks need to be completed and when deadlines are due.

Additionally, encouraging video chats over text-based conversations can help foster a sense of camaraderie among team members as well as provide an opportunity for more meaningful dialogue between employees.

Technology & Equipment

Your team will need access to reliable technology equipment if you want them to be productive while working from home.

Provide employees with laptops or tablets and invest in good quality headphones so that video calls don’t suffer from poor audio quality or laggy connections.

You should also consider providing additional digital resources such as cloud storage solutions, collaboration software, and project management tools that could make your team’s job easier while working remotely.

Security & Privacy

It’s critical that you ensure robust security systems are in place when enabling remote work environments since data breaches can have serious financial repercussions for your business.

Investing in cyber security training programs for employees so they know how best to protect their devices and data is a great way of bolstering your company’s security measures both now and in the future.

Additionally, make sure there is clear guidance on privacy policies regarding employee monitoring when using company-provided equipment as this has become a major concern during the pandemic era of remote work setups.


Setting up your business for remote work doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming; by focusing on communication, technology and equipment, and security & privacy protocols you can make sure that every member of your team has what they need—no matter where they’re located—to do their job effectively while keeping your data safe at all times.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way towards creating a productive and secure remote work environment for your business!