Setting up a successful onboarding process for new employees is essential for any business.

When done right, an onboarding process sets the tone for how the employee will experience their time at your organisation and is key to employee retention.

But how exactly can you create a great employee onboarding process?

There are 3 key stages involved which are:

  • Establishing clear objectives
  • Developing an effective and relevant training plan
  • Emphasising the importance of communication

Let’s dive a bit deeper on how to create a great onboarding process.

1. Establish Clear Objectives

Before you start setting expectations and tasks for an employee, it’s important to have clear objectives for the onboarding process.

This includes the goals that the company hopes to achieve with its new hire, as well as any skills needed to help them succeed in their role.

Having these objectives set from the beginning will provide a framework for how the rest of the onboarding process should go.

2. Develop an Effective Training Plan

The goal of onboarding is not only to introduce new employees to their job duties but also to provide them with all of the necessary training they need in order to be successful in their role.

This means going beyond just reading through policies and procedures and actually providing hands-on training that allows employees to practice what they have learned.

Additionally, having an effective mentor or team leader can help guide new employees during this time, so it’s important to make sure there is someone available who can provide this kind of support when needed.

3. Emphasise Communication

Communication during onboarding is paramount; it’s important that managers take time each day (or week) to check-in with new hires and ensure they understand not only what they need to do but why they are doing it and how it contributes to overall company goals.

Additionally, communicating feedback early on ensures that mistakes are prevented rather than corrected later down the line when more damage may have already been done.


Creating an effective employee onboarding process requires careful planning and thoughtfulness; however, if done correctly, it can be a major asset for any organisation.

Increased productivity, lower turnover rates, better customer service—the list goes on! in regards to what a great employee onboarding process can do for your business.

Take some time today and evaluate your current onboarding processes and see where improvements can be made! It pays off in dividends down the line!