Examples and Use Cases

Sales Automation and Process Optimisation

Below you will find a library of sales automations and processes we can build and optimise for you and your team.

Deal scoring automation

Automatically assigning scores to potential sales opportunities based on various criteria like lead behaviour, demographics, and engagement level to prioritise high-value deals.


  • Increase in qualified leads for sales
  • Higher conversion rates and sales efficiency
  • Improved sales prioritisation and resource allocation
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy for better planning
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Deal pipeline management

Automating the process of moving deals through various stages of the sales pipeline, including tasks and notifications to keep deals progressing smoothly.


  • Streamline sales process for faster closures
  • Reduce administrative burden on sales teams
  • Improve visibility into sales pipeline
  • Facilitate smoother hand-offs between stages
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Accurate sales forecasting

Leveraging historical data and pipeline insights to enhance the precision of sales forecasts, enabling informed decision-making and resource allocation.


  • Reduced forecasting errors and improved decision-making
  • Improve budgeting with accurate revenue projections
  • Identify trends for informed decision-making
  • Mitigate risks with anticipation of fluctuations
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Document tracking capability

Tracking the engagement and interactions with sales documents such as proposals, contracts, and presentations, providing insights into customer interest and improving follow-up strategies.


  • Gain insights into customer engagement with materials
  • Identify effective documents for moving deals forward
  • Improve collaboration within sales teams
  • Ensure compliance with document access tracking
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Automated cold email campaigns

Using automation to send targeted email sequences to prospects at scale, including personalised messages and optimised delivery times to enhance response rates.


  • Increase in qualified leads for sales
  • Higher conversion rates and sales efficiency
  • Improved customer engagement and follow-up
  • Personalised communication at scale
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Marketing and sales lead handoff

Automating the transfer of leads from marketing to sales teams, ensuring seamless communication and follow-up to maximise conversion rates.


  • Smoother transition of leads between teams
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Reduced lead response times
  • Increased conversion rates through better lead nurturing
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Calendar and meeting integration

Syncing sales activities with calendar applications, automating meeting scheduling, and providing reminders to ensure timely follow-ups and preparation.


  • Streamlined scheduling process for sales representatives
  • Improved time management and productivity
  • Reduced scheduling conflicts and missed appointments
  • Seamless integration of sales activities with calendars
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Task creation for critical reminders

Automatically generating tasks and reminders for sales representatives based on predefined criteria such as deal status, deadlines, or customer interactions.


  • Better organisation and prioritisation of tasks
  • Reduced likelihood of missed deadlines or follow-ups
  • Improved accountability and efficiency within sales teams
  • Enhanced customer experience through timely responses
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Sales enablement playbook creation

Developing a repository of resources, tools, and best practices to empower sales teams with the knowledge and support needed to effectively engage with prospects and close deals.


  • Empowerment of sales teams with valuable resources and tools
  • Standardised processes and best practices for consistent performance
  • Faster onboarding and training of new sales representatives
  • Improved sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction
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Prospect relationship nurturing

Using automation to send personalised follow-up emails or messages to prospects after sales meetings, ensuring consistent communication and nurturing relationships.


  • Improved customer engagement and relationship building
  • Faster follow-up process for sales representatives
  • Increased likelihood of converting leads into customers
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through timely communication
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Proposal and contract generation and send

Utilising automation to generate quotes, proposals, and contracts through predefined templates and data inputs, thereby streamlining the sales process and enhancing efficiency.


  • Accelerated sales cycle through faster proposal and contract generation
  • Improved sales team productivity with reduced administrative tasks
  • Increased accuracy and consistency in document creation
  • Enhanced customer experience with prompt delivery of professional documents
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Sales call transcription and analysis

Automating sales call transcription and analysis to capture and better analyse sales calls, extracting valuable insights to optimise sales strategies.


  • Enhanced understanding of customer needs and preferences
  • Improved sales pitch effectiveness through feedback analysis
  • Streamlined coaching and training opportunities for sales teams
  • Increased conversion rates and sales efficiency through data-driven insights
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Lead enrichment and data cleansing

Implementing automated lead enrichment and data cleansing processes to enhance the quality and accuracy of lead information for targeted sales efforts.


  • Improved lead quality and accuracy for better targeting
  • Increased efficiency in lead segmentation and prioritisation
  • Enhanced sales team productivity with access to reliable lead data
  • Improved conversion rates through more personalised and effective sales approaches
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Sales territory mapping and assignment

Implementing automation to map and assign sales territories, optimising sales coverage and allocation of resources.


  • Enhanced coverage and penetration in designated sales territories
  • Improved focus on high-potential areas and opportunities
  • Streamlined territory assignment process, reducing administrative burden
  • Increased sales efficiency and effectiveness through targeted sales efforts
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Automated email sequences

Implementing a series of automated 1:1 emails to prospects and customers based on a specific behaviour or context.


  • Personalised engagement with prospects and customers
  • Increased response and conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer experience with timely, relevant communication
  • Improved efficiency in follow-up and nurturing processes
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Snippets and text templates

Create templates of text that can be quickly inserted into documents, emails, or other communication channels to streamline repetitive tasks and ensure consistency.


  • Improved efficiency by streamlining repetitive tasks
  • Consistent messaging across channels reinforces brand identity
  • Reduced errors and increased accuracy in communication
  • Enhanced productivity through time-saving features
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Automatically allocate new leads to specific sales reps based on a prospect’s location.


  • Efficient lead management
  • Faster response times and improved customer experience
  • Optimised sales efforts by leveraging local market expertise
  • Enhanced productivity through automated lead allocation
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Aircall Integration

Integrate Aircall with your CRM to begin syncing critical call data with specific contacts and deals.


  • Better insights into customer interactions
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Smoother user experience and increased efficiency
  • Improved ROI through data synchronisation and analysis
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Mandatory pipeline data

A system designed to make sure essential information about each deal is required at every stage of the pipeline, making tracking and managing deals easier.


  • Quick access to information when needed, saving time and effort
  • Reduced frustration by avoiding repeated attempts to copy or cut data
  • Enhanced productivity by facilitating smooth and efficient data management
  • Improved user experience through seamless data retrieval processes
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Referral automation setup

Creating a system where referrals from existing customers or contacts are automatically managed and tracked, streamlining the process of acquiring new leads.


  • Effortless referral tracking ensures no potential leads fall through the cracks
  • Saves time and resources by automating the management of referral leads
  • Boosts customer satisfaction as referrals are promptly acknowledged and acted upon
  • Increases the likelihood of converting referrals into new customers
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Deal pipeline creation

Deal pipeline creation streamlines sales processes by organising and managing potential deals from start to finish, enabling efficient tracking and accelerated deal progression.


  • Streamlined deal management
  • Improved visibility and accountability into the status of each deal
  • Increased team productivity
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy by providing comprehensive data on deal status and progression
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