Onboarding & Your First Request

Step 1) Choose Your Plan

In the first step, choose a plan that is right for you. Remember, you can always pause, upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Step 2) Email With Everything You Need To Know

Once you make payment and your plan is confirmed, we then send you an email with everything you need to know to get started.

We have an exclusive customer knowledge base that has articles, videos and guides on how to make the most of your subscription and how to pause, cancel, upgrade and downgrade your subscription.

As part of this process, we will also provide you with your login details for our requests portal, as well as your Stripe customer login details.

Step 3) Access To Your Systems

In parallel with you learning how to submit a request and get familiar with our processes, we will need access to all of your systems that we will be building automations within.

We will outline this within the onboarding, but typically, we ask you to submit a ticket with the login details for us to access your system, so we can have it on hand whenever we need it.

Step 4) Your First Request

Once you are familiar with our processes, it’s time for your first request!

You will be submitting this via our requests portal, with communication between us and you/your team members taking place within specific tickets/requests.

Due to the high volume nature of what we do, we cannot jump on calls or communicate with you via Slack/Instant Messaging or emails.

Only critical messages should be sent to us via our exclusive subscriber email:

Step 5) We Deliver Your Automation

Once your first request is submitted and it has been approved, then it’s time for us to get to building it!

Typically, for customers on our Standard plan, it takes up to 3 business days to deliver a request and for our Pro customers, 2 business days.

Once we have finished the first iteration, we will then move it to the “Awaiting Review” section of our requests portal, and you will be notified.

Step 6) Feedback & Iterations

Once you are notified, you can access your request to see any notes we have made upon completion and can check your CRM / software platform for the finished product.

We will continue to make changes until you are 100% satisfied.

Step 7) Next Request

Now that you are happy and satisfied with the build, it’s time to launch and move on to your next request! Of course, if you have nothing else for us to work on, you can pause your subscription and reactivate it when you are ready.

Upgrading, Downgrading, Pausing & Cancelling Your Subscription

Step 1) Log Into Your Customer Portal

To upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel your subscription, simply log into your customer portal, which can be found at this link.

Step 2) Follow The Prompts

It’s as simple as that! You will be given the option to do any of the four options above.

Click on the corresponding button that matches your desire and ensure you confirm.

NOTE ON PAUSING: Our billing cycles are based on monthly same-date windows. Say you have used 10 business days of your subscription and have chosen to pause your subscription, then if you have 10 business days remaining before pausing, you will have those upon reactivating your subscription.

NOTE ON CANCELLING: Your cancellation will take place at the end of your billing cycle. So if your billing cycle is on the 20th of the month and you cancel on the 10th, then you have how ever many more business days remaining until the next 20th of the month date.