Examples and Use Cases

Human Resources Automation and Process Optimisation

Below you will find a library of human resources automations and processes we can build and optimise for you and your team.

Candidate communication workflows

Candidate communication workflows deliver a series of automated emails to optimise recruitment processes and enhance the candidate experience.


  • Improved candidate engagement
  • Reduced candidate dropout rates
  • Streamlined recruitment workflow
  • Enhanced employer branding
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Interview self-scheduling

Implementing self-scheduling interview capability to streamline the hiring process and improve efficiency.


  • Reduced time spent on scheduling logistics
  • Faster turnaround time in arranging interviews
  • Improved candidate experience with quicker scheduling
  • Enhanced productivity and resource allocation in HR team
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Reference check requests

Automated reference check requests to streamline the vetting process for candidates and expedite hiring decisions.


  • Accelerated reference check process
  • Reduced administrative burden on HR team
  • Improved accuracy and consistency in reference checking
  • Enhanced hiring efficiency and time-to-fill vacancies
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New starter welcome email workflows

New starter welcome email workflows deliver a series of automated welcome emails for new employees to facilitate their onboarding process and integration into the company.


  • Streamlined and consistent onboarding process
  • Improved new employee engagement and retention
  • Accerlerated integration and setting up the new starter for success
  • Reduced administrative burden on HR team and Managers
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Employee and Manager knowledge base set up

Establishing a comprehensive knowledge base for employees and managers to access essential resources, policies, and procedures.


  • Improved accessibility to relevant information
  • Enhanced efficiency in finding answers and solutions
  • Empowered decision-making and self-service capabilities
  • Streamlined and consistent communication
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Offboarding checklist distribution

Automated offboarding checklist to ensure a smooth and organised departure process for departing employees.


  • Reduced errors and oversights in offboarding procedures
  • Enhanced compliance with exit processes and documentation
  • Streamlined communication of tasks and responsibilities
  • Improved experience for departing employees
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Exit survey distribution

Automated distribution of exit surveys to departing employees, collecting valuable feedback on their experiences and reasons for leaving.


  • Timely collection of valuable feedback
  • Increase participation from departing employees
  • Enhanced insights for HR and Managers to address potential issues
  • Streamlined analysis of exit survey data for actionable insights
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Task assignment and tracking

Automated task assignment and tracking for HR, Managers, and Employees to streamline workflows and improve productivity.


  • Clear accountability for assigned tasks
  • Enhanced collaboration among teams
  • Improved transparency and real-time tracking
  • Increased efficiency and productivity in task completion
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Document distribution and management

Automated distribution of and management of HR documents such as policies, contracts, and forms, ensuring easy access, version control, and compliance.


  • Streamlined and efficient document sharing process
  • Enhanced organisation and accessibility of documents
  • Improved compliance with document management
  • Reduced administrative burden on HR, Managers, and Employees
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Employee Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey

Measure and track employee loyalty and satisfaction through the Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey which focuses on how likely they are to recommend their workplace to others.


  • Quantifiable metric for measuring employee satisfaction
  • Insights into overall employee loyalty and advocacy
  • Identification of areas for improvement in employee experience
  • Enhanced data-driven decision-making
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Employee experience analytics

Analyse various data points and feedback from employees to gain insights into their overall satisfaction, engagement, and productivity within the organisation.


  • Objective assessment of employee satisfaction and engagement levels
  • Identification of areas for improvement in the employee experience
  • Enhanced understanding of factors influencing employee retention and loyalty
  • Informed decision-making for HR initiatives to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity
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Employee contract/document creation and issuance

Automating the creation and issuance of contracts and documents within HR processes.


  • Reduced administrative burden on HR team
  • Faster turnaround time for document creation and issuance
  • Enhanced accuracy and consistency in document generation
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies
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Recruitment and candidate engagement chatbot

Implementing a standard recruitment chatbot to automate common candidate enquiries and support tasks, including guiding them through initial stages of the job application process.


  • Improved response time to routine candidate queries
  • Reduced workload on recruitment team
  • Enhanced candidate satisfaction through 24/7 support availability
  • Streamlined and efficient recruitment processes
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Knowledge base ticket form embedding

Integrating ticket submission forms seamlessly into the HR knowledge base interface, providing Employees and Managers with a convenient means to request assistance while accessing relevant support documentation.


  • Simplified ticket submission and heightened engagement
  • Improved categorisation and documentation management
  • Enhanced satisfaction through seamless self-service
  • Streamlined operations with integrated systems
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HR ticket pipeline creation

HR ticket pipeline creation streamlines the management of HR enquiries and requests by organising and prioritising tickets efficiently.


  • Faster resolution times for HR enquiries
  • Improved employee satisfaction with HR services
  • Optimised HR team productivity and resource allocation
  • Enhanced tracking and reporting for HR analytics and planning
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Talent pool campaigns

Automated talent pool campaigns efficiently target and engage potential candidates based on specific criteria, streamlining the recruitment process.


  • Enhanced candidate engagement
  • Expanded talent pool with qualified candidates
  • Reduced administrative burden on HR team
  • Increased recruitment efficiency and effectiveness
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