Examples and Use Cases

Customer Service Automation and Process Optimisation

Below you will find a library of customer service automations and processes we can build and optimise for you and your team.

Knowledge base setup

Establishing a central repository of information and solutions to common enquiries, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for both clients and support personnel.


  • Quicker issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Reduced support workload and streamlined processes
  • Improved agent efficiency and fewer repetitive enquiries
  • Enhanced brand reputation as a trusted resource
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Customer portal creation

Developing an online platform that enables customers to access support resources, submit enquiries, monitor ticket progress, and find self-service solutions, fostering seamless interaction and assistance.


  • Improved customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduced customer service workload and faster issue resolution
  • Enhanced access to information and self-help resources for customers
  • Lower operational costs through decreased demand for direct support
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Service Level Agreement (SLA) set up

Service level agreement (SLA) configuration for key customer service metrics to ensure timely resolution of customer issues and adherence to performance targets.


  • Faster responses to customer enquiries with streamlined processes
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability in support
  • Consistent service delivery leading to higher customer satisfaction
  • Optimised resource allocation and operational efficiency
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Ticket tagging

Automatically assigning relevant tags or labels to incoming support tickets based on content analysis, facilitating streamlined organisation and prioritisation of issues.


  • Rapid issue categorisation and prioritisation
  • Increased agent productivity and smoother workflows
  • Enhanced reporting and support trend insights
  • Improved customer satisfaction with accurate tagging
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Ticket rerouting

Automatically redirecting incoming support tickets to appropriate teams or agents based on predetermined criteria such as issue type or customer segment, optimising resource allocation and resolution efficiency.


  • Quicker issue resolution and enhanced customer satisifaction
  • Improved task management and team accountability
  • Reduced support workload and streamlined processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and experience
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Ticketing pipeline automation

Streamlining workflow processes within the ticketing system through automation, including task assignments, status updates, escalations, and notifications, to enhance operational efficiency and accountability.


  • Streamlined support operations and faster resolutions
  • Improved task management and team accountability
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for informed decisions
  • Elevated customer satisfaction through efficiency
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Feedback survey distribution

Using automation to send satisfaction surveys to customers post-interaction, gathering valuable feedback to assess service quality and identify areas for improvement.


  • Deeper insights and actionable feedback
  • Improved service quality and responsiveness
  • Stronger customer relationships and loyalty
  • Increased satisfaction through proactive engagement
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Customer feedback response automation

Initiating automated actions based on customer feedback, such as sending acknowledgments, addressing additional concerns, or escalating issues for further investigation, to ensure comprehensive and timely resolution.


  • Prompt resolution and heightened customer satisfaction
  • Improved service delivery and responsiveness
  • Fostered customer loyalty and engagement
  • Enhanced brand reputation with personalised follow-ups
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Custom CRM views for different teams

Tailoring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interfaces to display relevant data and insights specific to each support team’s requirements, enhancing productivity and decision-making capabilities.


  • Increased productivity with tailored data access
  • Improved collaboration and communication efficiency
  • Improved customer experience through enhanced support and enquiry handling
  • Personalised interactions leading to improved satisfaction
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Inbox creation and channel connection

Configure inboxes and channel connections in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.


  • Centralised communication and improved team collaboration
  • Streamlined workflow, enabling efficient handling of tasks
  • Accelerated response times and improved customer service
  • Enhanced visibility, tracking and reporting
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Knowledge base ticket form embedding

Integrating ticket submission forms seamlessly into the knowledge base interface, providing customers with a convenient means to request assistance while accessing relevant support documentation.


  • Simplified ticket submission and heightened engagement
  • Improved categorisation and documentation management
  • Enhanced satisfaction through seamless self-service
  • Streamlined operations with integrated systems
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Sentiment analysis for customer feedback

Analyse customer feedback to gauge overall customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, providing valuable insights for improving customer service.


  • Enhanced understanding of customer sentiment and satisfaction levels
  • Identification of areas for improvement based on feedback
  • Efficient resouce allocation
  • Improved customer experience, retention and loyalty
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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score tracking and reporting

Track and report Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores, providing real-time insights into customer sentiment.


  • Improved monitoring of customer satisfaction levels
  • Enhanced understanding of areas for service improvement
  • Timely identification of customer issues or concerns
  • Streamlined reporting process for informed decision-making
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Escalation workflows for high-priority issues

Implementing automated escalation workflows to swiftly address high-priority customer issues and ensure timely resolution.


  • Prompt resolution of critical customer issues
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Streamlined escalation process, reducing response times
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in handling high-priority issues
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Proactive customer outreach and engagement

Utilising automation to proactively reach out to customers and engage with them to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Increased customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced brand perception and reputation
  • Greater likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals
  • Streamlined and efficient customer service processes
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Customer service chatbot

Implementing a standard customer service chatbot to automate common customer enquiries and support tasks.


  • Improved response time to routine customer queries
  • Reduced workload on customer service team
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through 24/7 support availability
  • Streamlined and efficient customer service processes
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Mandatory pipeline data

A system designed to make sure essential information about each ticket is required at every stage of the status pipeline, making tracking and managing tickets easier.


  • Reduced risk of missing information
  • Simplifies ticket management by standardising data requirements
  • Improves efficiency by preventing bottlenecks caused by incomplete ticket information
  • Enhances tracking capabilities, enabling smoother monitoring of ticket statuses throughout the pipeline
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Ticket pipeline creation

Customer service ticket pipeline creation simplifies and accelerates the process of managing and resolving customer enquiries. It organises incoming tickets for efficient handling, leading to faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction.


  • Faster issue resolution
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased team productivity
  • Better insights and analytics
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