Are you looking for ways to maximise efficiency and organisation within your business? Look no further than Notion.

Notion is a powerful tool that can help streamline processes, organise information, and increase productivity within an organisation.

But how exactly can you use Notion for maximum efficiency?

There are 3 key ways which are:

  • Creating databases for categories of information
  • Creating and using clonable templates
  • Sharing information between team members and clients

Let’s break down in more detail the basics of how to use it.

Creating a Database

One of the core functions of Notion is its ability to create databases. A database is basically what it sounds like—a place where data is stored and organised.

This can include anything from project info to contacts and customer details. A database makes it easy to store information in one place so that it can be easily accessed by team members or clients as needed.

A database also allows users to filter and search information quickly, making it simpler to find exactly what they’re looking for without having to sort through unrelated items.

Using Templates

Notion comes with several preset templates that make organising your data even easier.

There are templates for tracking projects, managing tasks, keeping notes, and more. You can also customise any template that is already available or create one from scratch based on your own needs and preferences.

The point of these templates is to provide structure so that everyone on the team knows where certain information should be stored and how to access it when needed.

The best way to use Notion when starting out is to create databases containing important information. These databases can be easily shared with team members.

Sharing Information

Notion makes it easy to share information with colleagues or clients alike.

Users can either give people full editing access or simply allow them view-only access depending on their role in the project (or even their level of expertise).

This makes collaboration simple while still keeping control over who has access to sensitive information at all times.

Plus, users don’t have to worry about emailing files back and forth; they can just share links directly through the platform instead.


Leveraging Notion means increased efficiency across an organisation – from creating databases for data storage purposes all the way up to sharing sensitive information securely with colleagues or customers as needed.

With its array of useful features (and customisability) this tool will surely become indispensable for any busy businessperson looking for ways boost productivity and stay organised!